A Dixieland Band and Nestor Gonzalez and Colin Graebert sing!

Stillwater Artsapalooza is an amazing chance to see a wide variety of artists–  where else could you hear a folk duo at The Store, then a Dixieland Band at the Fire Station, a Show Choir at the Catholic Church and finish off your evening with a fantastic concert of musical theatre at the Church of Universal Fellowship?   Saturday, June 22 is sure to be an amazing evening and we are excited to welcome for the second and third year in a row respectively, the Six Basin Street All Women Dixieland Band and Nestor Gonzalez, Colin Graebert and Friends!

The Six Basin Street All Women Dixieland Band is an all-female Dixieland band made up of members from the Greater Bangor, Maine area. They have been playing gigs since 1992 everywhere from town parks to a reception for former Vice President  Al Gore.  They play traditional Dixieland, including standards such as their namesake, “Basin Street,” “Royal Garden Blues,” “Lazy River,” and “St. James Infirmary.” The band consists of trumpet(s), saxophone(s), banjo(s),tuba, clarinet, piano, drums and occasional vocals.  They are quite a delight and always prove to be lots of fun to listen and move to!  Six Basin Street will be playing at the Fire Station from 6:00-6:40 p.m., be sure to put your Dixieland dancing shoes on and check them out!

Finally, Nestor Gonzalez and Colin Graebert are well-known musical forces in our community.  Both have beautiful tenor tones and Colin’s ability to tinker on the keyboard while singing away is mesmerizing!  Any concert with Nestor and Colin at the fore-front is bound to be an entertaining one.  Nestor will be singing, with a few of his friends: Blaise Collett, Hannah Barry, Jenn Chaloult to name a few.  They’ll be performing  a variety of contemporary musical theatre songs.  If you’re interested in hearing Colin before (or after) Artsapalooza, check out his website here and catch one of the numerous bands with which he’s associated.

Nestor, Colin and Friends will be performing at the Church of Universal Fellowship from 9p.m.-9:40 p.m., don’t miss them!

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