Tentative Schedule

We hope you have marked your calendars for Artsapolooza 2014 on June 21st! Here is schedule for the fabulous night in downtown Orono!(some changes will probably occur, be sure to check back!)

Stillwater Artsapalooza Schedule of Events- June 21, 2014 6-10p.m.
Admission to all performances is free; no food purchase is required.

University Inn:
6:00-6:40 OHS Jazz Combo
7:00-7:40 OHS Jazz Combo

Verve: menu items available
6:00-6:40   Good-Time Sound (a cappella)
7:00-7:40   Old Time Machine (folk)
8:00-8:40   Bangor Story Slam

Keith Anderson Community Center
6:00-6:40   Shiwa Noh (tango)
7:00-7:40   Chris and Dan Crocker   (swing dance)
8:00-8:40   Annie Jewel, Chana Wingard,   Abby Wingard, and Erin Luthin (dance)

The Family Dog: menu items available
6:00-6:40   Tremolino- Portuguese Fado   World Music
7:00-7:40   Jim Chasse (vocal)
8:00-8:40   Stillwater Community Arts   Young Artist 2014 Performing Arts
Scholarship Winners: Brooke Nason,  Paige Bacon, Daniel Perkins (voice
and acoustic guitar)

Thai Orchid: menu items available
6:00-6:40 Kate Kirby
7:00-7:40 Nancy Leavitt

Woodman’s Bar and Grill: Menu items available
Fariba Dayhim (visual art)

Orono Public Library:
5:00-6:00   Teen Reader’s Theatre
6:00-6:40   John and Marisue Pickering (reading)
7:00-7:40   Sandy Phippen (reading)

The Store: menu items available
6:00-6:40   Jessie Walker (speech, voice, bass)
7:00-7:40   Good-Time Sound (a cappella)
8:00-8:40   Kathleen Ellis, Francois Amar,  Jason Canniff and Sarah Farnham (poetry)

Harvest Moon: menu items available
6:00-6:40 Jim Chasse (vocal)
7:00-7:40 Bob Klose (reading)
8:00-8:40 Lydia Bolin and Allison Pickering (vocal)

The Roost: menu items available
8:00-8:40   581 jAm Ba

Bear Brew Pub (downstairs):
6:00-6:40   Cameron Guay and Mickala Wheeler (vocal)
7:00-7:40   William Sawyer (vocal)

Bear Brew Pub (upstairs):
7:00-7:40   Thomas Griffith (visual art)
8:00-8:40   Shiwa Noh (tango)
9:00-9:40   Old Time Machine

Orono Methodist Church
7:00-7:40   University of Maine Voice Faculty
8:00-8:40   Colin Graebert (piano/vocal)

Black Bear Brewery:
6:00-6:40   Sarah Newcomb and Karl Hance (vocal)
7:00-7:40   Hannah Barry (vocal)
8:00-8:40   Good-Time Sound (a cappella)

Orono Fire Department
6:00-6:40   Six Basin All Women Dixieland Band
8:00-8:40   Sunset Strip Band (rock band)

Church of Universal Fellowship
6:00-6:40   The Artesani Family and  Friends (vocal/instrumental)
7:00-7:40   Hanna Renedo (violin) and Nicholas Southwick (flute)
8:00-8:40   Divisi and New Renaissance (vocal)
9:00-9:40  Stillwater Community Arts Young Artist 2014                                            Performing Arts  Scholarship Winners:   Katie Woodilla, Daniel Perkins, Paige Bacon, Connor Magliozzi (voice,drama, and acoustic guitar)

DeGrasse Jewelry:
Teddi Jan Covell

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