Bangor Story Slam

Who doesn’t like have a story told to them?  Story Slam Bangor is reviving the tradition of community storytelling through monthly “story slams” where community (audience)members are invited to share a story related to the monthly theme. The story must be original, told without notes, and no more than five minutes long. Stories range from the ridiculous and funny to the tragic and astounding. At the end of the evening, the audience chooses the “story of the night.” Themes are often vague and open to wide interpretation and the competition is not the heart of the event; it is only meant to encourage attention to craftsmanship.To learn more about Story Slam Bangor, check out their Facebook page. Story Slam Bangor is a fantastic community building program and will be at Verve from 8:00 p.m. to 8:40 p.m. at Stillwater Artsapalooza on Saturday, June 21st! 

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