Tremolino, Dan and Chris Crocker and Colin Graebert

Artsapalooza 2014 has a wide variety of performances for you to pick and choose from.

At the Family Dog from  6:00 p.m. -6:40 p.m. Tremolino will be performing Portuguese Fado  World Music. TREMOLINOTremolino is four Maine musicians who play Portuguese fado and more. Leslie Stein has sung various kinds of music over the years, from folk to rock to musicals and jazz. Fado is her current passion, and she plays guitar. Stein has also performed as an actor in Mid-Coast and Central Maine theaters. Jim Macdonald, a graduate of the Allman Brothers School of Endless Guitar Solos, has explored many kinds of music and now plays “viola de fado”, which is what Portuguese call the guitar. Doug Ronco has played sinuous and accomplished bass in many forms and lends his ear for world music. Chris Marshall has been in a Russian balalaika group, a Javanese gamelan and a Bulgarian dance band; Marshall says he is amazed by the resemblance of fado to Russian gypsy music.

Dan and Chris Crocker are local educators (Dan is the Dean of Enrollment Management at Eastern Maine Community College, Chris teaches Spanish at Orono High School) who have been part of the  greater Bangor area dancing scene for over 14 years. Performance swing and lindyhop dancers, this athletic, energetic and dynamic duo share their love of dance by volunteering their time to such worthy events as the Dancing Like the Stars Project Graduation performances, dance exhibitions, dance choreography for Orono High School musicals, Stillwater Artzapalooza and other fundraisers. If you haven’t seen them dance, don’t miss this opportunity to watch them go head over heels. And make sure you bring comfortable shoes, ‘cause you’ll get to learn a few moves and then share the dance floor with two of the area’s best!  Dan and Chris will be moving and shaking at Stillwater Artsapalooza 2014 on Saturday, June 21 at the Keith Anderson Community House from 7:00-7:40p.m., don’t miss the fun!


Come hear the wonderful sound of Colin Graebert as he plays the piano and sings at the Methodist Church at 8:00 p.m.-8:40p.m.  If you’re interested in hearing Colin before (or after) Artsapalooza, check out his website ( and catch one of the numerous bands with which he’s associated.

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